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Multi | Panel | Username & Password
$90 minimum w/ panel


FLIX VISION v2.6.3 (Latest) – Integrated Player – Premiumize from panel (not included)

Another CinemaHD-style app where embedded, direct and premium links are used to fetch content, new and old.

Modifications made for this version

– Live TV section removed (it’s not very good)
– Ads removed
– Login Screen (users can login with DNS and/or manual users added to the panel)
– Add your premiumize keys from panel
– Update check disabled


Streamio (Cinema alternative but much better layout and user experience)

Stremio + Torrentio + Premiumize Links are a killer combo when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows without a provider.


All automated so the user enters their login and everything is set up ready to go.

This app has been specially modified to work straight out of the box and does the following:

-DNS login, add your DNS to the panel so your IPTV users can log in with their normal username/pass
-Create manual users in the panel
-Login is checked each time the app opens so when a user is inactive they will no longer be able to use the app
-Stremio account is automatically created for each user and re-used if they log in again, so can be used on multiple devices and will share watched content etc. They do not get access to this account outside of the app as they are never given the password
-Torrentio addon is automatically added to their new user
-Premiumize key is added to Torrentio
-Viewing of account info is blocked in the app
-Plugins cannot be managed inside the app (prevent access to premiumize keys etc)

Premiumize keys are not included


HDO Box with panel to create user accounts

It will display all the trending content from Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi and other genres at the home page for the best user experience. Moreover, you will get to read the complete information about any particular movie including IMDB Rating, Year Of Release, Start Cast, etc.

1 Click To Play
Coolest User Interface
HD Content Options

HD TV Shows. Subtitles Support, Fast Loading, Responsive Design, Great Technical Support, Wide Range of content from different genres

CINEMA 2.6.0

CinemaHD 2.6.0
– All new scrapers, gives excellent results
– Premiumize working great and included in apps hosted with me. Additional/Backup Premiumize keys can be added in the panel
– DNS login with no limit on DNS
– Auto update, announcements, and disclaimers etc all disabled
– Users can be added manually in the panel


– Multi DNS
– Usename and password login
– auto updates content.
* I can also build you your own xtreamui Reseller panel to go with the app, therefor you can be your own boss and have unlimited credits and hire your own resellers at your preferred rate. *