IBO Player

Multi | Panel | Username & Password
minimum $80 w/ panel
The Ultimate IBO 3.8 now available!
-This is the latest version but instead of users having all DNS listed and having to press edit to add username/password this has a ‘proper’ login screen when you press Add Playlist. I know having to edit playlist to sign in has been a pet peeve of many.
-Only the signed-in accounts are displayed no matter how many DNS you add
-Sports Guide Included
-Playlists can be edited/deleted from the app
-5 Layouts (See Screenshots) which are all in the same app and can be changed from the Panel. 2 x Ads themes, 2 x Backdrops themes and standard theme
IBO Player v35
Multi DNS
Send strolling messages from the app
Sports Schedule
Google Play Button
Installed Apps Button


IBO 2.8
-With Panel
-Multi DNS
-Username and password Login (MAC dont seem to work)
-switch between different accounts

IBO 3.5
-With Panel
-Multi DNS
-Username and password Login (MAC Login also)
-switch between different accounts